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PXP Token

With new version of the token, we're expanding PXP's presence across multiple popular blockchains, providing users with greater flexibility and accessibility while lowering transaction fees.

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Daily Trading Volume
Get Higher Staking Rates
Reduced Withdrawal Fees
Cut Maker / Taker Fees
Pay Trading Fees in PXP

PointPay Network

Layer 1 blockchain that maintains PoS consensus protocol and is EVM-compatible. The network enables developers to build and deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Testnet is available for all users. Receive free PXP tokens for testing and development purposes with Testnet PXP Faucet and explore network capabilities with the block explorer.
Testnet PXP Faucet
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  • Avalanche

Token Distribution

Advisors & Partnerships
Team & Advisors
Distribution Value TGE Clif, m Vesting, m
Ecosystem 50 M 1 0 0
Ambassadors & Partnerships 10 M 0.2 1 12
Promotions 10 M 0.2 1 12
Team & Advisors 20 M 0.1 1 24
DAO 10 M 0 6 24
1,000,000,000 PXP
Old Supply
100,000,000 PXP
New Supply
≈172,000,000 PXP
Burned for 5 years
Swap ratio

Token Swap Benefits

New Smart Contract
New updated modern smart contract with audit from leading companies.
Token Integration
Activation of the token community and involvement in the updated PointPay exchange ecosystem.
Token Boost
Start of the marketing campaign and rejuvenation of the token with in the community
Model Advancement
The updated economic model of the project will take it to a new level and improve the token performance.
New Horizons
New the new token format will expand its capabilities and utility functions.