PointPay Token

PointPay ERC-20 based utility token, PXP, is the main payment instrument within the ecosystem of products providing PointPay customers with a number of perks and incentives. PXP token enables traders to cut maker-taker fees dynamically basing on the number of tokens placed on the account of PointPay Crypto Exchange.

Number of tokens on the account Discount for trading deals
300 PXP25%
301400 PXP30%
4011,000 PXP35%
1,0015,000 PXP45%
5,00115,000 PXP55%
15,00125,000 PXP60%
25,00130,000 PXP65%
30,00140,000 PXP70%
40,00150,000 PXP75%
50,000 PXP80%

The number of business use-cases like priority service, listing of coins, participation in the IEO, etc. will be constantly increasing and based on PXP tokenomics.

Through the PointPay Crypto Bank PXP tokens provide with higher daily compound interest rate for deposits on customer’s checking and savings accounts.

Through the PointPay Lending Module PXP tokens provide with lower fees for borrowers and lenders.

Through the PointPay Crypto Payment System PXP tokens provide with lower fees for merchants when accepting payments for the goods and services they sell on their websites.