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PXP Swap

PXP Token Swap

Join us in the evolution of the PointPay platform: Exchange your old PXP tokens for the new ones at a rate of approximately 8.2 to 1. Unlock the platform's full potential and enjoy exclusive tokenholder benefits including discounts and perks.

Old Supply
1 000 000 000 PXP
New Supply
100 000 000 PXP
Burned So Far
≈172 000 000 PXP
Swap Ratio
@/assets/img/pxp-swap/goal/star@2x.png 2x

@/assets/img/pxp-swap/goal/star@2x.png 2x Our Goal

Our main objective in conducting the PXP token swap is to rejuvenate the project's economic outlook, reduce fees, introduce multi-chain transactions, and reignite interest in both the token and the PointPay project.

PXP Swap


  • Avalanche
PXP Swap

Token Swap Benefits

  • New Smart Contract
    New updated modern smart contract with audit from leading companies.
  • Token Boost
    Start of the marketing campaign and rejuvenation of the token with in the community
  • Token Integration
    Activation of the token community and involvement in the updated PointPay exchange ecosystem.
  • Model Advancement
    The updated economic model of the project will take it to a new level and improve the token performance.
  • New Horizons
    New the new token format will expand its capabilities and utility functions.


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